LLC “NIK” – is being dynamically developed company

LLC “NIK” – is being dynamically developed company that works on the stockinet and knitted products’ market since 2005.  
The production capacities of the company are in Uzbekistan, so that helps to provide the minimum price on the high-quality products. We recommended ourselves as a reliable partner on the stockinet and knitted products’ market - T-shirts, Polo shirts.

Трикотажное полотно оптом от производителяOur products:

The stockinet made ​​of 100% cotton in assortment – stockinette structure (dyed and with wadding), fleeced and not fleeced footer, ribana, interlock (dyed and with wadding), quilting;

Stockinet products: T-shirts made of combed yarn by wholesale with a short and long sleeve, Polo shirts with a short and long sleeve, men's sweatshirts, large sizes women's tunics, men’s underwear (boxers-pants and singlet),children’s knitwear.

Being the maker, we are able to perform orders for the knitwear production with the individual wadding, with the specific color, to sew the knitwear by the customer’s design.

Our strong advantage – is making for the quality product of cotton stockinet that is made on one of our factories.  

футболки из гребенной пряжи 32-х цветов оптовая продажафутболки с прикольынми картинками оптомрубашки поло оптом от производителя мужские женскиетуники женские больших размеровженские футболки с длинным рукавом от производителя оптомтолстовки оптом от производителя Узбекистан из натурального хлопкаx_child.jpg

As a manufacturer, we are able to fulfill orders production of knitted fabrics with individual packing, a certain color, sew jerseys custom design.

Our strong advantage - the production of high quality products made ​​of knitted cotton fabric, which is made in one of our factories.

Three factories that we present release:

The stockinet made of high-quality combed and carded cotton yarn 

  • Производство трикотажных полотен кулирной глади, интерлока, пике, футера, рибаны в Узбекистане LLC SP “Karmenta Yan Tex” – the largest factory-leader in Uzbekistan – is the high-quality stockinet maker. All the cloths are being made on the latest equipment with using of modern technologies. The appointment of produced cloth: for sewing of T-shirts, Polo-shirts, sweatshirts, tunics, women’s knitwear, children’s clothes, underwear and other knitwear. The wide range of colors – more than 50 colors of the knitwear cloth!

The products made of stockinet - T-shirts, Polo shirts, women's tunics, fashion form-fitting T-shirts with rhinestones, men’s and women’s T-shirts with long sleeve, sweatshirts, and men’s underwear.

  • Производство готового трикотажа футболок, рубашек поло, женских туник большого размера The Joint Enterprices “Mos Yan Tex” factory is the knitwear’s maker. The main knitwear’s positions – T-shirts and Polo shirts - are popular on the markets of Russia and the CIS countries, year in year out are awarded with diplomas on the quality composition exhibitions. The women's knitwear position - T-shirts with rhinestones and pictures, large sizes women's tunics – are popular among consumers. 

Children’s knitwear – costumes, blouses, creepers, pajamas, children’s underwear, T-shirts for children between 0 and older.

  • Пошив детского трикотажа и оптовые продажи детской одежды The LLC SP “Shipa Tex” factory is the children’s knitwear maker. This factory looks after the trends in the children’s fashion world, controls the products making and, focusing on selection of the qualitative natural materials for making the knitwear for children, releases the qualitative products.